PrevANZ Platform Program

The Trish MS Research Foundation contributed $200,000 to the PrevANZ Platform Program to assist the commencement of this very important trial.

The vitamin D MS Prevention Trial – PrevANZ is a world-first clinical trial that is testing whether vitamin D supplementation can prevent MS in those at risk of developing the disease.

It is a Phase IIb randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial testing a range of doses of oral vitamin D supplements in people with a first episode of symptoms that may be a precursor to MS (known as clinically isolated syndrome or CIS). This might include symptoms such as blurred vision (optic neuritis) or limb weakness (transverse myelitis) (these symptoms may also be described as a first demyelinating event).

The trial is testing whether vitamin D supplements can delay or prevent a second episode, or attack, which would lead to a diagnosis of MS. It is also testing the appropriate dosage levels and safety.

The need for the vitamin D MS prevention trial has arisen from a now significant body of evidence for the role that vitamin D deficiency plays in MS. However, to date there has not been a clinical trial conducted to provide the necessary evidence on the benefits that can be expected from vitamin D supplementation or the correct dose.

The expertise in Australia and New Zealand can contribute significantly to the prevention and better treatment of MS globally.  The PrevANZ analysis is ongoing and findings are expected to be available in the near future.