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All projects funded by the Foundation are recommended for funding by MS Research Australia’s Research Management Council following assessment, evaluation and ranking, including a peer-review process.

Infrastructure to support MS Research

From the outset The Trish MS Research Foundation had an eye for investing in essential infrastructure to support MS researchers.

Genetic research in MS

In 2006 the Foundation partnered with MS Research Australia to provide the initial funds for the biggest MS DNA Bank which has now grown into a major national collaboration known as ANZgene – the Australian New Zealand MS Genetics Consortium.

MS Brain Bank

In 2007, the Trish Foundation’s contribution of $100,000 seeded the roots of what has become the incredibly successful MS Research Australia MS Brain Bank. The Brain Bank was subsequently successful in obtaining infrastructure funding from the NSW Government to support its further growth.


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Available Funding

The Trish Foundation is working in association and very closely with MS Research Australia towards our common goal. MS Research Australia annually offers financial support to Australian scientists in the effort to accelerate and increase MS research activity.

MSRA partners with likeminded organisations including the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation to leverage our funding and increase the number of opportunities available to researchers.

Approved Funding

Our generous and big-hearted supporters are enabling the Foundation to fund many important Research Projects.


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