Available Funding

All applications for Research Projects must be aligned with the funding principles of the Trish MS Research Foundation.

The aim of the Trish MS Research Foundation is to find a cure or preventive strategy for multiple sclerosis. The Foundation is particularly committed to funding research that will reverse the effects of MS through repair and regeneration and ultimately lead to a cure. The Foundation has funded Trish Translational Research Projects, Project grants, Fellowships, Scholarships and Incubator grants and has also contributed to Platform Programs.

Details of the research funded by the Trish Foundation commencing January 2022 are on our Approved Funding page.

Early in 2022, the Trish MS Research Foundation called for Expressions of Interest for up to two Trish Translational Research Project Grants for $250,000 each for up to 3 years, commencing January 2023.

Expressions of Interest have closed and have been reviewed and assessed by the Foundation’s honorary Scientific Research Committee.  Applicants submitting successful Expressions of Interest have been notified and requested to submit a full Application.  Applicants submitting unsuccessful Expressions of Interest have also been notified.

Details of the Funding Process Description, which includes the Trish MS Research Foundation’s process for assessing and allocating funding, the Conditions of Award and the Peer Review process can be found on the links below.