Potential therapy for progressive forms of MS

Commencing 2018 the Trish Foundation began supporting a three-year MS Research Australia Project Grant awarded to Associate Professor Peter Crouch who began preclinical trials of a therapy for progressive multiple sclerosis at The University of Melbourne. Dr Crouch’s Co-investigators are Dr James Hilton, Dr Blaine Roberts, Dr Paul Donnelly and Dr Dominic Hare.
A/Prof Crouch and his research team generated promising data that helps reveal the role that copper might be playing in the development of progressive MS, and its potential as a therapeutic target.

The COVID-19 pandemic limited their capacity to perform on-site, laboratory-based activity early in 2020. A second wave of the pandemic in Victoria further limited their ability to perform on-site activity. Procedures and protocols implemented by the University of Melbourne enabled them to maintain some essential on-site activity.

A/Prof Crouch and his team have therefore been able to maintain their work towards completing this project, albeit below normal activity levels. They anticipate producing outcomes consistent with the original nature of this project, but are behind schedule. They expect to complete laboratory-based aspects of their project within the original 3-year timeframe, but have requested an additional six months to appropriately compile and analyse all data generated.

We will look forward to receiving their final report on this exciting research.