MS Brain Bank

The MS Brain Bank provides People with MS the opportunity to bequeath their tissue for MS research after they die. Registrations continue to increase since the official launch in February 2008.

An MS Brain Bank Advisory Board has been established with prominent leaders in MS neuropathology, and the wider MS community. Their role is to inform and advise on the best course for the MS Brain Bank.

“The MS Research Australia Brain Bank has a huge responsibility”, said MS Brain Bank Director Professor Simon Hawke. “People with MS, in bequeathing tissue for scientific research, are making a final gift to others with MS. They hope that their gift will lead to a cure for others. So we really see the MS Brain Bank as owned by People with MS and their families. Our brief as custodians of the tissue for donors and their families, is to make certain it will be of most use to scientists working on MS, so that our understanding of the disease increases.”

The primary objective of the National MS Brain Bank is to co-ordinate the collection, storage and use of human tissue from People with Multiple Sclerosis and Professor Hawke requests People with MS consider bequeathing their brains for research. Trish Foundation supporters will recall the Foundation underwrote and provided the initial funding for the MS Brain Bank and to achieve further breakthroughs it urgently needs access to human tissue from people with MS.

Dr Michael Barnett based at the Brain and Mind Research Institute (NSW) is undertaking a protein-based project and is the first researcher to draw on the MSRABB human tissue. He is also a Trish MS Research Foundation grant recipient. Dr Barnett’s better than expected preliminary results advance highly sensitive techniques measuring molecular changes in human tissues. However, he requires tissue from the human MSRABB to complete his work.

The Trish MS Research Foundation continues to pioneer initiatives with the potential to facilitate breakthroughs in MS research. The MS Brain Bank has also attracted support from the NSW Government’s Office for Science and Medical Research who are investing $500,000 over four years.

To register with the MSRABB, please visit or call 1300 672 265.

“Trish Foundation has been instrumental in enabling the MS Brain Bank become a reality as we took the step of starting the pilot operation on the basis of your pledged support.”

“Once again, this great partnership – Trish Foundation and MSRA – achieved what we couldn’t otherwise. Having the confidence to start what we knew was needed to solve this great puzzle – in this case initiating the MS Brain Bank – and the Trish Foundation support, helped us convince the NSW Government of the great merit of this project.”

– Executive Director, MS Research Australia Jeremy Wright.